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Kinavet is an oral tyrosine kinase inhibitor that has been conditionally approved for the treatment of mast cell tumors in dog. The drug has been shown to be a safe and effective in the management of mast cell tumors. The purpose of this trial is to evaluate Kinavet versus placebo in a large number of dogs.


Dogs, regardless of the breed and sex, that are older than 1 year of age weigh more than 6.9 kg  (15 pounds) with one or more palpable Mast Cell Tumors.
    Tumor surgically non-resectable
    Tumor non-resectable by the pet owner choice
    Lesion must be accessible for biopsy


         1. Pet owner realize and agree for potential placebo treatment
         2. Must have adequate organ function
         3. Must not have  been previously treated by chemotherapy or radiation
         4. Must not have  recurrent tumors at the surgical site
         5. Must not have  had major surgery within the past 2 weeks
         6. Must not be lactating, pregnant, or a potential breeding dog

(Acceptance based on pre-screening evaluation)

What Do Pet Owners Have To Do? Bring their dog in for examination, blood, and urinary testing every two weeks and administer daily medication. Keep daily logs for possible adverse reactions.

What Do Pet Owners Receive? Funding for examinations, testing, and medications will be paid by Sponsor

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