Compassionate care

Atlantic Animal Clinic

The old saying that a dog ages 7 years for every year you own it is not exactly true,…..But it is not too far off.  That is why I do everything I can to keep your pet healthy, and return them to your care as soon as possible if problems should arise. 

Long hospital stays mean your pet tries to sleep in a strange environment, and its normal routines are GONE, like they’ve entered “THE TWILIGHT ZONE”. That’s why we have all the regular blood and tissue testing and x-ray facilities that all vets should have,  AND diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound abilities.
I have been a veterinary acupuncturist since 1991, and I can incorporate it into the treatment at any time. We offer laser surgery, an option that is critical for cancer surgery in my mind. Although not “certified”, I have been treating animals with cancer for over 20 years, and I am pleased to see more “less toxic” treatment options are coming available for animals in many cases. At the Atlantic Animal Clinic,. We do our best to honor your appointment to keep you on schedule ( no long waiting). We strive to find out answers to problems that may arise in your pet’s life, and give you options for diagnosis and treatments. And when you come in, your appointment is with me, every time. Thank you Give us a call at 334-5901.